Exhibits: 2016 – Present

"Adam Grant: Art for Life" postcard
Adam Grant: Art for Life
"Luminosity" postcard


"In Otherworlds" postcard
Craig Fisher & Dan Hernandez: In Otherworlds
"Joanne Grossmann: the Larger Narrative" postcard
Joanne Grossmann: the Larger Narrative










"The Grant Collection" postcard
The Grant Collection
"The Grant and Goodridge Paint By Number Collections" postcard
The Grant & Goodridge Paint By Number Collection


"Salon: the Collection of Ann Goodridge" postcard
Salon: the Collection of Ann Goodridge
"ARToledo 2018: Chrysalis" postcard
ARToledo 2018: Chrysalis











"Athena 115" postcard
Athena 115
Toy Stories: Paintings by Aaron Pickens


"Divine Dimensions" postcard
Divine Dimensions: Martha Gaustad & Michelle Arnold Paine
"Steele Painting" postcard
Steele Painting: Western Landscape by John Steele













"Falling Into Place" Postcard
Falling Into Place: Michelle Carlson and Bill Horvath
"Intense Adornment" postcard
Intense Adornment: The Jewelry of Sue Szabo




"Around the Corner: Aaron Bivins Abstract" postcard
Around the Corner: Aaron Bivins Abstract
TFAS100+3 Exhibit postcard
TFAS100+3: Juried Members’ Exhibit