TFAS100+3: Opening Reception Info for Artists

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TFAS100+3: Juried Members’ Exhibit 

Location & Safety Protocols:

Hensville Park, corner of Monroe & St. Clair
Hensville Park, corner of Monroe & St. Clair

Our Opening Ceremony Partner: Toledo Mud Hens / Hensville is hosting the October 9 Opening Reception & Award Ceremony in Hensville Park at Fleetwood’s Beer Garden. This free, public event will be from 6 – 9 p.m.
The Award Ceremony will take place at 6:30 p.m.

  • Click to download a PDF of the Map of Hensville Park.
  • Click to see an interactive Map of Hensville Park.
  • Hensville Park, entrance and exit
    Hensville Park, entrance and exit

    Access to the Hensville Park is on St. Clair Street; the entrance gate will be the gate closest to Monroe Street. The exit gate is one closest to the Fleetwood’s building/Perry Street.

  • Dress for the weather. A beautiful sunny day, with a high of 72, is forecast! We anticipate it will be in the high/mid 60s by evening.
  • Sunset is at 7 p.m. Hensville Park is softly lit with strings of patio lights on the terrace and under the tents. Illumination also comes from the surrounding streetlights.
  • There are picnic tables in the park, but you may wish to bring your own folding chairs to maintain greater social distancing (and a blanket to ward off the chill, if you plan to stay past sundown).
  • Masks must be worn (unless you are seated with food/drink) and social distancing must be observed at all times in Hensville Park.
  • Hensville Park, with EXTREME social distancing area
    Hensville Park, with EXTREME social distancing area

    Hensville Park is approximately 34,000 sq.ft., taking up half a city block. Its normal capacity is 3,000. If only 6-foot distancing was applied nearly 950 people could enter – BUT, as an outdoor entertainment/bar/restaurant venue, the capacity is limited to 300 people.  That gives all of us an average of 111sq.ft. for our distancing!

  • Fleetwood's Beer Garden rules & safety
    Fleetwood’s Beer Garden rules & safety

    Those who wish to communicate a need for extra social distancing are asked to wear an orange heart visible on their nametag/sleeve/or back. This indicates that everyone should maintain a distance of at least 10 feet from the wearer.


  • On-street metered parking is free after 5 p.m. on Fridays. However, this fills up quickly around Hensville. More (free) metered parking is available a block or two further South on St. Clair Street.
  • There are 3 paid self-service lots within half a block of the gallery: Lucas County operates 2 paid lots accessed off of Washington St., just East of St. Clair St. (Rates for these lots vary.) Click to see a Google Street View of the location of these lots.
    • One lot is on the left (North) side of Washington, the other is directly across from it on the right (South) side of the street. Ornamental red brick retaining walls flank the entrances of each lot; these are just visible in the Google Street View image.
    • Also shown in the left foreground is a private lot at the corner of St. Clair & Washington Streets. The cost for parking here is $5. There are only 10 spots available; they fill up quickly.

Award Ceremony:

  • Will begin promptly at 6:30 p.m. in Hensville Park. Please make sure you arrive prior to the start of the ceremony!
  • Please notify the gallery via email by noon Friday, if you know you will not be attending the award ceremony. This way, if your name is called, we will know not to wait for you and to move on to the next award.
  • TFAS100+3 award ceremony location
    TFAS100+3 award ceremony location

    Awards will be announced from the terrace. When called, winners should go to the patio area just below the terrace to meet the award presenters (these will be the sponsors of the awards) to receive the envelopes containing their prize cheques. The TFAS photographer will take photos of each award recipient with his/her presenter(s) before the next award is announced.

  • Masks must be worn and social distance maintained during the ceremony. Hand sanitizer is available here and all presenters will use it before holding the envelopes they will dispense as their awards. Sorry – no hugging or hand-shaking for this year’s award winners! :(

These awards are made possible by the generous contributions of local businesses and individuals, as well as fellow member organizations – Click to view our Exhibit Sponsors Page.

Touring the Exhibition in the Gallery:

  • When you arrive at Hensville Park there will be 2 tables set up with free timed tickets for your selection:
  • There will be (8) 15-minute time slots, with 25 tickets available in each time slot – enough for a preliminary “whirlwind tour” of the exhibit! Tour times begin at 7 p.m., immediately following the award ceremony.
  • The tickets will be individually sleeved on the tables. Please draw your preferred time for touring the gallery (one ticket per visitor), to touch only your chosen tickets.
  • Tickets are available on a first-come/first-choice basis. Arrive early to get your preferred time!
  • When it’s (nearly) your time, walk over to 20 North Gallery and hold up your ticket to show the printed time to the Welcome volunteers.
  • 20 North Gallery has a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser installed in the entry way. Please avail yourself of this when you enter/exit and maintain social distancing during your time inside.
  • For your safety, the front and back (screened) doors will be open and we have an air circulating system in place that will be continually moving air out the back of the gallery. This will make the inside temperature the same as outdoors (with a steady breeze); so, again, please dress for the weather!
  • No food or drink will be permitted in the gallery.
  • You may leave your folding chairs outside the gallery during your time inside. The Welcome volunteers will keep an eye on them.
  • Each time slot group has just 15 minutes in the gallery. When your time is up, please vacate the building promptly to allow the next group to enter. Don’t worry – the show continues through December 26 – you can always come back to enjoy it at your leisure! :D
  • You may return to the Hensville Park party after your tour. The band will play until 8:45 and food and drink service can continue until 10 p.m. (provided there are people there to serve).

Food & Beverages – Entertainment & Amenities:

  • Fleetwood's Beer Garden bar menu
    Fleetwood’s Beer Garden bar menu

    Fleetwood’s Beer Garden will be operating a “cash bar” (touchless payment is available) from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. All alcohol sales must end by 10 p.m. The bar will also be selling small “snackable” items in pre-portioned containers.

  • We Be Ribs Mobile Unit foodtruck
    We Be Ribs Mobile Unit foodtruck

    The We Be Ribs Mobile Unit foodtruck will be parked right outside the park, between the entrance and exit gates. Click to view a sample We Be Ribs menu of the type of foods they will have available for purchase. (Some additional vegetarian options will also be available.)

  • You must be seated to remove your mask and eat/drink. Sorry, no “wandering & mingling with a glass” is permitted at this gallery reception. :/
  • As per Ohio liquor licensing laws, no alcohol is permitted to leave the park. No DORA cups are permitted to enter. (So be sure to finish your drink before you go for your gallery tour!)
  • The Glass City Toledo School for the Arts alumni drum band will perform in the park from 7 – 8:45 p.m. They’ll get you moving!
  • Restrooms are available inside Fleetwood’s, through their back entrance. (There are restrooms in the gallery, too – but who would want to spend any of their precious 15 minutes in there?)

Some Additional Information:

  • The TFAS100+3: Juried Members’ Exhibit will be on display at 20 North Gallery from October 9 – December 26, 2020.
    • Beginning Saturday, October 10, no timed ticket will be needed to view the exhibit. 20 North Gallery is open Wed. – Sat. from noon to 4p.m. by call-ahead appointment. Please allow 15 minutes from the time of your call until the start of your appointment – this gives us time to sanitize the gallery prior to your visit.
  • A printed exhibition catalogue has been created for TFAS100+3, including images of all the accepted artwork and a listing of all award winners, artists and exhibition information. This glossy, bound 96-page book catalogue will be available for sale at 20 North Gallery during the exhibition; price $20. Catalogue sales will begin immediately following the award ceremony.
  • TFAS permanent collection-branded merchandise (notecards and coffee mugs) will also be available for sale in the gallery during the run of the show. Proceeds of these sales support TFAS’ mission-based programming and maintenance of the TFAS collection.
  • Voting for the $50 Community Choice Award will begin inside 20 North Gallery at 7 p.m. on October 9. Voting will continue through November 6 and the winner will be announced on November 7. You may vote in the gallery, or online through the 20 North & TFAS websites, beginning October 10. (One vote per email address.)

TFAS100 logo

TFAS 100+3: Juried Members’ Exhibit is a new project of the Toledo Federation of Art Societies (TFAS). TFAS was established in 1917 with the mission to unite area arts organizations, promote area artists, and maintain a permanent collection of Toledo area artists’ work. TFAS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit entity under the Nonprofit Corporation Law of the Ohio Revised Code.

20 North Gallery’s regular exhibition hours are Wednesday—Saturday, from noon to 4 p.m. Currently, the gallery is open by call-ahead appointment during those times.

For purchase inquiries, please contact 20 North Gallery:
419-241-2400  or