Exhibits: 2004 – 2013

Contemporary Glass 2004
Hewen Slak & Ramon Tiggs; In Focus: The View of Multiculture


Janet Ballweg & Carol Imes-Luscombe: Mystical Images
Derby Days 2004












Pete Beckman: Seasons & Travels
Louis Marinaro and Margaret Davis


Black History Month 2005
Tom McGlauchlin & Jack Schmidt; The Studio Glass Movement: The First Generation











Derby Days 2005
Adam Grant: Unseen Treasures


Gallery Artists Group
Jenny Kilimi & Sei Sato: Time Frames


Black History Month 2006
Sam Knecht: Master Realist


Derby Days 2006




Valerie Tennent: Britain & Beyond




















Black History Month 2007
Steven Conine: Spanish Seduction



Photography Art
Derby Days 2007











Robert Mazur & Edith Franklin: Sea & Earth
Matthew S. Mickel: The Poet of Photography


Black History Month 2008
Marcia Derse, Joan Rigal & Connie Stark: Fields of Color


Derby Days 2008
ARToledo 2008


A Tribute to Joe Ann Cousino
Abner Hershberger & Susan Hershberger Yoder: Family Imprint


America the Beautiful featuring Dr. Mike Basista
Black History Month 2009


Tom McGlauchlin: New Art
Derby Days 2009


Poland’s Tribute to Adam Grant
Shared Visions


The Art of Giving
Black History Month 2010


Adorning Glory: Kimberly Arden
Derby Days 2010


New Works, Old Friends
Crafting a Response




















































Chapman & Stone
Richard Reed: Proximity & Vantage Point







All Gifts Great & Small
Black History Month 2011: Homage to LeMaxie GLover


ARToledo 2011
Derby Days 2011


Phil Hazard’s Top 40 Hits: A Retrospective
Richard W. Hanson: Scientific American Artist


Harry Sandler: Music, iPhone & Other Neighborhoods
Holiday Trinkets







Black History Month 2012: Legacy
20 North / 20 Years


Derby Days 2012
Tom & Friends


Walter Chapman Centennial
Harry Sandler: Nature’s Peace


Art for All Souls
Black History Month 2013: The American Experience


Intersections: Paintings by Abner Hershberger
Derby Days 2013


All Good Things…