Steven Conine – “20 North / 30 Years”

Steven Conine
Toledo, Ohio

Steven Conine (photo by Eric Eggly)

Artist Biography
Steven Conine studied commercial design and fine art at the Columbus College of Art & Design (Columbus, Ohio) from 1978 through 1983 and printmaking and lithography at the Toledo Museum of Art (Toledo, Ohio) in 1985. Following his formal studies, Conine pursued individual study under Portrait Painter Virtus H. Gale. His professional arts experience includes work as a Studio Art Director, Curator, private art teacher, as well as the completion of numerous commissioned paintings.

Conine’s art training has been supplemented by national and international travel to study masterpieces by Rembrandt, Titian, Diego Velasquez, Goya and others, as well as the historical landscapes in which these artists worked. His travels through France and Spain inspired the twenty paintings in his first gallery exhibition, Steven Conine: European Sojourn, installed at 20 North Gallery (Toledo, Ohio) in 2003. Energized by the artistic momentum he found there, Conine relocated to Madrid, Spain, where for over two years he continued his study of masterworks, the places of their creation and the culture of the region; much of his work from this time was featured at 20 North Gallery in the 2007 exhibit Spanish Seduction.

In addition to solo exhibitions, Conine’s paintings have been featured in multiple, significant group exhibits at 20 North Gallery. His work has also been installed in regional exhibitions such as the 1990 Salon de Refuses (Toledo, Ohio) and numerous juried shows at the Toledo Artists’ Club (Toledo, Ohio) since 1985. Conine’s landscape, portrait and abstract paintings form part of prestigious private collections across the United States. Among his many commissioned projects are a portrait of Director Mark Standriff for Toledo Repertoire Theater (Toledo, Ohio), ceiling frescoes in Sacred Heart Church (Toledo, Ohio) and restoration of artworks in Good Shepherd Church (Toledo, Ohio). Conine’s work has also been featured in publications including the February 2006 issue of The Broad Sheet Magazine, a publication in Madrid, Spain.

In 2003, Steven Conine made 20 North Gallery history through his very first exhibition with the gallery. His solo show, European Sojourn, was the first in which every artwork in the show had been purchased by the conclusion of the opening reception. In addition to his follow-up solo exhibit Spanish Seduction in 2007, Conine’s principal 20 North Gallery shows include Tenth Year Exhibit (2003), Gallery Artists Group (2005), The Art of Giving (2009), New Works / Old Friends (2010) and 20 North / 20 Years (2012).

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Artist Statement
Living life as a painter is the profession that suits me best. I sometimes paint from nature because it pleases me greatly and seems to keep me grounded in the reality of the here and now. I read years ago that a good landscape painting has a calming, soothing effect on the soul and I believe this to be true.

My foundation in realism and drawing from nature has been a springboard to the contrast of spontaneity and a letting go of all conscious planning, which can be seen in my other paintings. But that is for another exhibition. The paintings here are a study in nature and as Leonardo said, “Painting gives as much pleasure to the greatest of senses as anything in nature.”

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