20 North Gallery closed, due to COVID-19 – Schedule a Facetime tour of exhibitions

On Sunday, March 22, the Ohio Department of Health issued a mandatory Stay at Home Order, shuttering non-essential business in response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of this, 20 North Gallery’s physical exhibition space will be closed until this order has been lifted.

We want you, our patrons, to stay safe and stay home–but we also know that art and beauty are vital to a healthy community. Art is truly made to be shared. And the physical distancing we are all practicing is removing the joy of interaction that is an integral part of the Arts. Artnet’s National Art Critic Ben Davis wrote in his Op-Ed piece, How We Should Reimagine Art’s Mission in the Time of ‘Social Distancing,’ that solitary, virtual viewing is not enough to fulfil our need for the comfort that art and beauty provide.

Social connection is essential to truly experience the emotionally sustaining benefits of the Arts–to share meaning–and help us interpret and comprehend our world…

So, we encourage our patrons to join us, by touring the gallery online, via a Facetime or Zoom appointment and enjoy with us the final week of our captivating exhibit, Intense Adornment: the Jewelry of Sue Szabo. (This exhibition has been extended for one week and will conclude Tuesday, April 7.)

"Intense Adornment" sampler image
“Intense Adornment” sampler image, photos by L. Sue Szabo

To schedule your Facetime or Zoom appointment, please contact 20 North Gallery at least one day in advance:
419-241-2400 or info@20northgallery.com 

We look forward to sharing beauty with you…

We all need beauty in our lives – now more than ever.


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